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"When we create flow, everything functions better."  Winnie Lai
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"It's important to feel good in yourself."

In Chinese medicine we treat the whole person, not just the symptoms and there is scientific evidence to show that Traditional Chinese Medicine can help with a variety of health conditions.


Winnie offers treatments that can help people regain their health and maintain their wellbeing, often, without the need for drugs.   

Through acupuncture, Winnie's aim is to balance the body by unblocking energy points across its meridian system to relieve pain and ailments, and to promote good health.

Her attentive, boutique-style approach allows her to thoroughly diagnose and follow up on progress throughout the treatment process.

The treatments generally go for 45-60 minutes and can make a big difference to how you feel in your body and in your life. All you need to do is lie down, drop your worries and be nurtured.​

Please get in touch if you have a particular condition and are wondering if Winnie can help.

Our work


"Chinese Medicine can help with a variety of conditions to promote health and balance."  


"It makes me happy when people feel better in themselves."

Winnie grew up in a family environment where Traditional Chinese Medicine was a part of everyday life and has seen how powerful it can be.  

​She studied with renowned masters from China and the US in acupuncture, gua sha, Chinese herbs and pulse diagnosis.  Winnie graduated top-of-class in Chinese Herbal Medicine and has a Bachelor degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is currently undertaking a Masters degree at Western Sydney University.

Winnie is also a lecturer and clinic supervisor in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She was very pleased to be voted best tutor by students at Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2015. 


"Client comfort is very important to me."

Winnie Lai is renowned for her expertise as a Chinese Medicine practitioner and for the nurturing experience she gives her clients. "Client comfort is very important to me, especially with acupuncture," she says.

"I believe that when a person experiences discomfort or pain, their energy is depleted, and we need to preserve as much of their energy as possible to help their body heal."

It is for this reason Winnie uses very fine Japanese (Seirin) needles, as they offer clients the highest level of comfort during treatment. This is particularly important for Cosmetic Acupuncture.

Another of the treatments that sets Winnie apart is her Jade anti-aging facial. Aside from being an indulgent experience, this treatment is also founded on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine as the technique unblocks the meridians on the face, and improves circulation and kinetic drainage. It is another very relaxing and rejuvenating experience that has an immediate visible result. 

"Everything in life is vibration" - Albert Einstein. Winnie also offers Sound Therapy - a healing vibrational therapy that powerfully releases tension in the body and the mind. It is a profound whole body experience that is deeply relaxing.



I would love to hear from you and help you feel your best.


PHONE: 0417263544 to book.

ADDRESS: The Genki Centre,

1 Arundel St, Glebe
(Entrance is on Derwent street, corner of Parramatta Rd, opposite Glebe Public School)  

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Friday 1pm to 7pm

Saturday 10am to 7pm

Please feel free to contact me for other availabilities.

Winnie Lai


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