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"It makes me happy when people feel better in themselves."

“If I could, I wouldn’t even call it work! I believe in Chinese medicine and have seen it work, as it treats the whole person, not just the illness.” 


Winnie grew up in a family environment where Chinese herbal medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) health maintenance practices were part of everyday life. She developed a keen interest in traditional Chinese culture and natural health from a very young age.

She trained in Australia and China where she has studied under renowned masters in Acupuncture, Gua Sha (scraping), Chinese herbs and TCM pulse diagnosis from China and the US. She continues her professional development with great enthusiasm, and travels overseas regularly to train with her teachers to refine her skills.

Winnie graduated with a top-of-class award in Chinese Herbal Medicine and has a Bachelor degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She is currently undertaking a Master Degree in TCM.

Her connection with the culture and the philosophy, on which Traditional Chinese Medicine was founded, gives her the depth which guides her treatment strategies. She also adopts a combination of traditional as well as newly developed TCM practices and sound therapy to help her clients with a vast array of conditions.

She is passionate about TCM health maintenance (Yang Sheng meaning "Nurturing Life") and often offers simple, affordable TCM advices, food therapies, simple exercises and self-treatments that clients can incorporate into their daily lives to help effectively improve their conditions.

Following years of practice, Winnie has a special interest in treating anxiety disorders, an area where she sees consistently encouraging results. 

Hers is very much a boutique style approach, where her clients are given the personal attention required to allow her to thoroughly diagnose and to then follow up on progress throughout the treatment process.


“I love learning,” she says. “So I always learn new things I can incorporate into my work.” 

Winnie is a TCM lecturer, teaching clinic supervisor and is experienced in treating both acute and chronic conditions. She was voted best tutor by students at Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2015.

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