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A natural facelift with health benefits

"What just happened?  I leave Winnie’s clinic, yes, looking radiant and relaxed as you’d expect after having a facial.  But I also feel peacefully energized, my eyes and cheeks are truly lifted, and lines are softened as to be almost invisible.  My whole face is looking visibly firmer – and it all happened within an hour, with no invention from laser machines, serums, injected toxins… or pain!  I also know I've just experienced the most relaxing, special facial I’ve ever had.”  Mandy, The Rocks, 60.  

What is a Detox and Lift Jade Facial?

While the Jade Facial is something new to the mainstream world of beauty procedures,  it's also a remarkably ancient in its underlying technique, wisdom and purpose.  Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, the Jade Facial works to release blockages found in the meridians on the face in much the same way as acupuncture does.  In the process it frees the flow of energy and allows toxins in the skin layers to be released and removed by natural processes.

But it’s not all about beauty and anti-aging.  Winnie Lai's approach to using the Jade Facial also provides her with other very useful diagnostic information on the client's overall health condition, which she can focus on during this or combined treatments.  It’s not uncommon for clients who’ve had the Jade Facial to experience relief from headaches and blocked nasal passages.  Some love it for diminishing the effects of jet lag.

Not available elsewhere in Australia, this all-natural Detox and Lift Jade Facial is much more than a facial.  It's an instant transformation in how you look and feel, with the evident effectiveness of Chinese medical practices to back up the reasons for its amazing results.


What you can expect:

  • No needles

  • No injections

  • No recovery time

  • No risk of side effects

  • No red marks

  • Uplifted energy levels


The Jade Facial is not a chemical peel nor is it microdermabrasion. This traditional Chinese ‘beauty’ therapy has the ability, all by itself, to make you look good from the inside out.  It does this via a unique sculpting technique using a jade board (not jade roller) to lift and tone facial and neck muscles, as well as reviving and restoring skin functions.  It's a natural, non-invasive approach to both health and beauty.


Regular treatments will help you sustain a youthful-looking face without having to rely on invasive procedures or time-consuming home care regimes.  This is because the gentle sculpting technique promotes blood circulation, encourages cell regeneration, boosts collagen production, eliminates toxins and activates the meridians. It does so much more than ordinary beauty treatments that it has to be experienced to be believed.

In short, you feel like you've been transported – mind and body – to another zone after this one-hour relaxing treatment.


Typical benefits reported by clients include:

  • Decreased dark circles around the eyes

  • Reduced eye bags/puffiness

  • Softened lines

  • Improved uneven skin tone

  • Smoothed skin and refined pores

  • Brighter and more radiant look

  • Lifted cheeks and eyelids

  • Better-defined facial features

  • Firmer looking skin overall.


How the Jade Facial treatment works

  • increases blood flow to the face to promote cell regeneration

  • encourages the production of collagen for firmer looking skin

  • unblocks the energy meridians on the face to eliminate toxin and restore balance

  • removes dead skin on the face for a brighter complexion

  • energises tired skin, and

  • helps the skin to better absorb nutrients from skincare products


What Winnie’s clients say

“I first came to see Winnie with the usual reservations one has when trying new things but I noticed the difference straight away.  My face looked healthier and younger.  My eyes and brows were noticeably lifted and my wrinkles were smoother, so was the frown line between my brows. Then, after about the third treatment I discovered my jaw line again after all these years.  

The difference in my face is fantastic and the confidence boost it has given me is equally as wonderful.  Also, the herbs Winnie prescribed for my menopausal hot flushes are great - hardly any hot flushes at all now.  I wish I had known about Winnie and her Gua Sha years ago. ”  SD, Croydon.


"Since having facial treatments with Winnie, I have felt and looked radiant. Winnie has wiped off years from my face and she makes me feel very special. I always look forward to my visit with her." YF, Campbelltown

"After ten treatments, I can say that Winnie’s facials are the best I have ever had.  Apart from the process being so relaxing and pleasant, the results are great.  My skin looks firmer overall, with the best improvement being my neck, as the lines have almost completely disappeared.  My forehead lines are also considerably

softer and the bags under my eyes have improved significantly.  After a treatment my skin just glows, it’s like having a workout for your face!"  Julie, Leichhardt

“RADIANT was the first word that immediately sprang to mind when I looked in the mirror after my first treatment with Winnie. And it just got better with each treatment - a kind of glow that comes from having a health and vibrancy that shows in your face. Each treatment seems to cumulate - and the combination of Winnie’s expertise in healing through acupuncture, acupressure, sound, crystals and meditation - all combine to this gorgeous chorus of energies. I have had lots of conventional therapies to deal with the ravages of time and the Australian sun - but this is magic, deep, lasting.“ Maria, Stanmore


"Meeting my bridesmaids for coffee, my sister-in-law walked in looking absolutely radiant. What had she done? A Jade Facial, she told us and surrendered Winnie's number. Two weeks before the wedding I finally booked an appointment, having just come back from the Northern Territory with my skin suffering from the desert dryness.


The results were really awesome. The beginning wrinkle between my eyebrows was gone and that little crumpling of the skin on my neck was smooth. I looked younger instantly. I booked another for the evening before my wedding. My make up artist noticed a distinct difference in my skin and immediately asked for Winnie's number too.

I love that the [facials] are totally natural but really effective and I saw the effects right through until the end of the honeymoon weeks later. I just wish I had known about them a bit sooner. I would have treated myself with three before the wedding!" – Jackie, Drummoyne, 42

The above describes typical result reported by clients. Individual result may vary. Winnie uses plant based skincare products for the facial. You're welcome to bring your own skincare products if you're allergic to essential oils. "

Before and after treatment photos


The contents of the Winnie Lai's web site, such as text, graphics, images, information obtained from third parties and any other material contained on the web site (“Content”) are for informational purposes only.  Individual results may vary.

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